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Nomad's Lounge in Marbella offers a unique atmosphere that perfectly complements the restaurant's overall appeal. It provides an elegant yet relaxed setting for a casual evening with friends or a more intimate gathering. Situated on the upper level, the lounge boasts panoramic views of Nueva Andalucía, creating a captivating backdrop for socializing over drinks.

What truly sets the Lounge apart is the attentive and professional service, ensuring a warm and welcoming experience throughout your visit. Whether you're indulging in a signature cocktail expertly crafted by mixologist Alessandro Ferretti or exploring the impressive wine selection curated by sommelier David Trillo, our Lounge in Marbella provides the perfect space to unwind and savor the moment. It's the ideal choice for those in search of a refined yet approachable atmosphere to enjoy exceptional drinks and companionship while soaking in the picturesque surroundings.

Check what our clients say about us

Spectacular! We were lucky to attend the opening, and the staff was a 10/10.

Sofie del Cuvillo

Wonderful experience at Nomad [...]
Without a doubt, a top place in Marbella.

Leany Belandria

Delicious, subtle, and creative cuisine, a great choice, pleasant terrace, and beautiful view.


All I can say is wow - one of the loveliest restaurant experiences i've ever had!


This restaurant deserves 100★ we were there last night for the first time and it was like all the staff knows us and we’re going there regularly


Amazing restaurant with immaculate service. The food was of a very high standard and tasted and the atmosphere was great. 

Jeremy C

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