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Embark on a global culinary journey without ever leaving your seat. Dive deep into four hours of ceaseless sips from our renowned collection of Nomad's signature cocktails and the finest selections from our premium wine list.

Every table turns into a world map of flavors. From the fresh allure of our brought-to-you raw bar, featuring delicate ceviche and expertly crafted sushi, to the briny decadence of our oyster bar - we promise an exploration like no other.

Wander through the tastes of the world with our international assortment: bite into the zest of tacos, the soft embrace of bao buns, and share in the ocean's treasures with seafood platters adorned with majestic king crabs. And for those who lean towards the land, our meat sharing platters showcase only the pinnacle of cuts, ensuring a culinary adventure of unparalleled delight.

At the Wanderers Bottomless Brunch, you don't just eat; you travel. Feel the essence of a true nomad and relish in the luxuries of world-class dishes shared amongst friends. No one leaves with an uncharted palate or an empty glass. Set your course for Nomad and let the journey begin.


13:00 TO 17:00

60€pp 5 Course Menu 
Includes Soft drinks 
+30€pp Bottomless Drinks
*Children €30pp


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